Drowning in silence

Lyric: Steve Pritschet

I see you in my dreams
will ever come back
Tonight you belong to me
and there's nothing you can do
Feel my breath on your neck
Falling naked into your bed
Can't you feel the fire
It's your destiny unrealized

I know it's hard to find
the truth of you and me
So many things
in the back of our minds
I can't tell you the same
That I would tell to everyone
You respect my thoughts
And you lock me in that cage

I don't know if I feel the same like you
I look around can't see anything
I want to break out
and you lead me up the garden path
I don't care a rap when I'll hurt you

I'm drowning in silence of a crystal sea
Believe in a dream – It is fantasy
Flying like a mote into the light
And I'm drowning in silence

When I'm with you
it's like colors keep shinning through
From lighter to darker
they're blending till I'm lost in you
I'm a man with no fear
I have spend too many tears
When I'm staying here
This is like the calm before the storm

I'm drowning...